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Hotline - Ms.Tú Anh
Hotline - Ms.Tú Anh
Tel: 0972 668 988
Key Club & Spa
Key Club & Spa
Tel: 04.6662.9595

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Key Club & Spa
Key Club & Spa

Welcome to the Key Club & Spa

If you would like brought the skin by the method does not require surgery to be available to the body and skin care center Key Club & Spa. With the guidance of an experienced cosmetic specialists together with our doctors, skilled nursing, you can be completely confident that your treatment will be effective and will apply these advanced techniques and reliable in the world.


Key Club & Spa

Trung tâm giảm béo và chăm sóc da uy tín - Key Club & Spa


Ha Nguyen Thu (20 year old, Ha Noi)

Ha Nguyen Thu (20 year old, Ha Noi)

You have 10 grade acne, puberty thought it but that over the years and it's still not out. She also painstakingly cleaned the nose, take some pills and creams but not out. Be who you referred to Key club and spa to treatment, to learn and always after consulting doctors here and visit. Early remove her acne, phototherapy and essences. The following sessions to do facial Massages and Oxygen. After a few times over the treatment of his skin permanently turn you see, the acne had disappeared completely, her skin smooth and taut. I actually found happy and ecstatic.


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